UK Bishop closes HALF his churches to save the planet.

Bishop John Arnold.

Salford Diocese UK - Bishop John Arnold has launched a radical restructuring plan to close 75 of his 150 churches. The reason for this is that it is simply too expensive to keep empty churches open. 

He has, however, managed to find the money last November to appoint Emma Gardner as 'Head of Environment' to oversee the dioceses ambitious Laudato Si Center. Gardener's last position as head of environmental sustainability at the University of Manchester was advertised as up to £62,727 ($87,401) depending on experience. A source tells me that the amount she is being paid by Salford diocese is well in excess of double that. Regardless, it seems that the priority for Bishop John Arnold is not to fill his empty churches by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but to close them and save the planet instead.



Perhaps this is what the young people really want? Greenchurch right? EcoChristianity? How modern! That's what will get the churches booming again, right?! 

Well, if that is the case then why are all the young Catholics, and all the young families to be found in the traditional parishes? I'll tell you why - because they seek God.

My personal belief is that climate change is a natural phenomenon. And crucially, it is a natural phenomenon that we do not have the power to change. This desire to change and fix things in the outside world is something I have seen again and again in people. It stems from our desire to control the things around us, and also from our desire not to change the one thing we do have control over - ourselves. It's a distraction.

Whether it be raising money for starving orphans in Africa, a cure for Cancer, or saving the planet, these things are all too often a welcome distraction from the real things we need to change about ourselves. It's so unbearably dull, this focus on good works - a false theology recycled over and over again for several boring generations.

It is much more palatable for a priest to ask people for money, than to invite them to confession. It is much easier to feel you have absolved yourself by recycling your plastic, than to quit using artificial contraception in your marriage. Doing good works is not a substitute for prayer. It is not a substitute for personal holiness. A plant based diet is not a substitute for the Eucharist. 

ANY GOOD ATHEIST CAN RAISE MONEY AND RECYCLE!!! The Church is here to save souls - not save the planet. 

As Salford diocese continues to decline, it is the traditional parishes and communities that continue to grow. I am left asking myself who it is that Salford diocese actually worships? Christ, or Pachamama?

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  • Gemma

    Sadly we have a traditional church in Zimbabwe that is the only Tridentine Mass center for thousands of mokes around, that the District Superior wants to reduce it to temporary because over 100 regular faithful is not enough. It has been going for 36 years through thick and thin. No solid reason has bee given for this. If they believe this tough and persevering Catholics to be tepid, then removing the sacraments is not a recipe for fervour. We are also due to havd another wave of Covid-19 deaths; the country’s borders will close again and long standing parishioners could be left to die without the sacraments.

  • anne walker

    God have mercy on his soul. Please pray for my sister,and all the sister of the F.M.S.J order there mother house is in Manchester, and it sounds too much like them sadly

  • Gerard brady

    I lived in an adjoining diocese for 18 years and it was no different there. The ordinary in office there had a penchant for referring to Churches as ‘plant’ and was noted for claiming that the diocese had too much of it. It seemed to me then and I am still of the opinion, that the bishops of England and Wales, Scotland and for that matter Ireland, are in the business of managing decline. This decline they see as natural and unstoppable. They give every impression of having no belief themselves and thus have no interest in promoting the Faith. Thank God for the SSPX.

  • James

    Good works are very importantt – but for the Christian, the motive ought to be supernatural charity for God and neighbour. Otherwise, they have no lasting value. and are merely human good.

    I agree with the article and the comments.

  • Peter Sharples

    A few years ago, our Bishop asked for ideas about the policies being pursued by Salford diocese, Bishop Arnold sent me an extremely patronizing response to my suggestions. Heartbreaking. Very cleaver & clueless.

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