Un-vaccinated - The new lepers of the church.

As the scientists keep telling us - getting the vaccine does not stop you from catching or carrying Covid19, it just lessens the most serious symptoms. That is why they are also telling us that we need to keep wearing our masks and socially distance.

So why are we seeing this vaccine apartheid rearing it's ugly head in our churches? It literally doesn't make sense?! Why would a masked vaccinated person object to sitting 6ft away from a masked non vaccinated person? Don't they trust the efficacy of the vaccine? Don't they trust the efficacy of the masks and social distancing? No? THEN WHAT'S THE POINT OF DOING IT???!!!

And for all you sinners out there, Precious Blood in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey is now officially offering the Sacrament of Confession again - But only if you are vaccinated!! All you unvaccinated sinners are clearly beyond redemption!

Actually the parish received so many complaints about this segregation of sinners policy, that they decided to rethink the situation...

Now it is possible to be shriven whether you have been vaccinated or not! Although for some bizarre reason you can only use the confessional if you have been vaccinated. Seeing as Fr Mike has been vaccinated, and there will no doubt be masks, I'm not sure what the problem is? According to the scientists, Fr Mike is still able to catch Covid19 from a vaccinated sinner, as much as he is from an unvaccinated sinner. That's why we still have to wear masks after we have been vaccinated, right?

For those who have not been vaccinated, their punishment is to confess their sins without the anonymity of the confessional. But I guess they could just wear a really, really big mask so Fr Mike won't recognize them? Probably a good idea to make them wear a bell too, lest they sneak up and exhale their poisonous death breath in your general direction. Hey - maybe try back to back confessions for extra added safety, like these prom kids...


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