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Mothers, our time with our children is short.

Mothers, our time with our children is short. Despite what the world tells us, Heaven is not for the many, but the few. What have we done to preserve the purity of the fruits He has entrusted to our care? Have we properly prepared them to persevere in the world outside our homes? Are they strong enough to endure the persecutions and temptations waiting to consume them?

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A Cheesy Church.

"...I want to help you escape the perpetual grief cycle you are in. The Church is a mess, the post pandemic world is a mess. People are scared, heartbroken, and in desperate need of strong leadership. But what man can lead us out of the mess we find ourselves in?"

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When I presented Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI with his 90th Birthday Di Clara vestments.

(Clare Short from Di Clara presents Pope Emeritus Benedict his 90th Birthday vestment set with a design based on Our Lady of Altotting.) To have Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI hold your hand and thank you, and describe your vestments as “…wonderful, beautiful…” is something I never dreamed could happen 18 months ago when I started my vestments business - Di Clara. With my husband recovering from long term illness and unable to work, I knew I had to do something to provide our family with some income. And with 3 young children, I knew the only viable option was to work from home. Running a small business from home wasn’t a new thing for me. I had experience of working...

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