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Going to hell for a German sausage.

  My favourite depiction of Christ is Jesus Panocrator. It is famous for the difference in style between each side of His face. Many have said that this "split" in style is representative of His dual divine and human natures.  If you use a mirror, you can see what each side would look like as a whole face. Somehow these "mirror" depictions do not look like Jesus at all. It seems that something is missing from both pictures.  As I was looking at Jesus Panocrator yesterday, I realised that this piece of art perfectly illustrates what is going on in the body of Christ - the Church, at this point in history. We are currently experiencing a huge division within...

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Un-vaccinated - The new lepers of the church.

As the scientists keep telling us - getting the vaccine does not stop you from catching or carrying Covid19, it just lessens the most serious symptoms. That is why they are also telling us that we need to keep wearing our masks and socially distance. So why are we seeing this vaccine apartheid rearing it's ugly head in our churches? It literally doesn't make sense?! Why would a masked vaccinated person object to sitting 6ft away from a masked non vaccinated person? Don't they trust the efficacy of the vaccine? Don't they trust the efficacy of the masks and social distancing? No? THEN WHAT'S THE POINT OF DOING IT???!!! And for all you sinners out there, Precious Blood in Monmouth...

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UK Bishop closes HALF his churches to save the planet.

It is much more palatable for a priest to ask people for money, than to invite them to confession. It is much easier to feel you have absolved yourself by recycling your plastic, than to quit using artificial contraception in your marriage. Doing good works is not a substitute for prayer. It is not a substitute for personal holiness. A plant based diet is not a substitute for the Eucharist. 

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